Grand Guignolers: Who We Are

Absinthe in our lobby. photo by Annie Appel Photography

sorcerer's apprentice photo

Absinthe Opium and Magic: 1920s Shanghai - The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Debbie & Freddy the Lion. Photo by Mark Bennington.

DEBBIE MCMAHON, Producing Artistic Director: email to contact. Debbie McMahon studied at Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre and earned an M.A. at NYU’s Performance Studies program. In addition to creating, directing and performing in the Grand Guignolers’ productions, she recently co-taught the Grand Guignol workshop at Dell’Arte, directed and taught physical theatre and commedia dell’arte at USC and clowns with Cirque du Soleil. She also teaches the popular Melodrama Workouts with Grand Guignolers. Debbie is a professor of physical theatre at USC's School of Dramatic Arts. DEBBIE PERSONAL WEBSITE


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