les petits guignolers

we. are. art.

"Hell is other puppets."


"My lucid unreason is not afraid of chaos." -- Antonin Artaud, friend and protege.

It is due to our presence, frolicking across their cheap wooden boards, that the Grand Guignolers have patrons. We are available for performances at events at an exhorbitant rate. I warn you I must be able to smoke unfiltered cigarettes (see photograph right) before, during and after performances. If I detest your patrons, I may choose not to perform. My booking agent will handle these trivial details.

Below is an image of myself performing hypnosis. My techniques were so powerful, I hypnotised even myself.

Celeste - my partner. She's good, too.

Above, I, Jean-Pierre, performing the role of Handsome Prince in  Rapunzel: A Horror Play. I was magnificent.

You may order autographed copies of our 8 x 10 glossy images. I remind my fans these are mere representations. Please make your request and to learn of the cost which I guarantee will be HIGHLY underpriced, send an email to my assistants. CONTACT THE PETITS GUIGNOLERS AT: iambored@grandguignolers.com.